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Product and/or Event Promotion

Rules for all registrants regarding the use of Hawk Talk Angling Forums. Please take a moment to read.
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Product and/or Event Promotion

Postby Bobber » Mon Nov 20, 2006 10:27 am

Fish-Hawk.Net has worked hard to gain the respect of both the community of anglers that frequent our site, and keep coming back, as well as the businesses who support us. These businesses enable Fish-Hawk.Net to continue growing and provide useful and relevant content to our users. We have spent a lot of time marketing our site, and growing our audience.

Businesses who support Fish-Hawk.Net are our bread and butter, and are entitled to delivery of their messages to the our community. For this reason, we do not support free promotion of products and/or services for businesses who have nothing in return to offer.

If you are a business owner, employee, or affiliate of such a business, who may directly or indirectly benefit from the delivery of your message to our community, please adhere to the following rules regarding your contribution.

  1. Businesses and their owners, staff, pro-staff, or affiliates are asked to refrain from posting messages of an advertising or promotional nature on Fish-Hawk.Net without the expressed written consent of Fish-Hawk.Net.
  2. A discussion of angling products, services, and vendors is permitted in Hawk Talk as long as the discussion remains an exchange of information that is not promotional in nature and is between users that have no affiliation with the products, services or vendors being mentioned, with the exception of Fish-Hawk.Net "Authorized Retailers". Authorized Rtailers are permitted to respond to user posts, as long as that response is related to the original topic of conversation. Further discussion is to be made within the forum of the Authorized Retailer or taken off-line through some other means.
  3. Service providers may discuss their fishing related experiences, share stories and pictures, and contribute to the conversation, as long as that contribution does not directly or indirectly promote their service, in an attempt to solicit un-authorized business.
  4. Avatars of Hawk Talk participants are not to contain promotional messages or business logos, without the expressed written consent of Fish-Hawk.Net.

If you are such a business owner/employee, and would like the opportunity to address our audience in order to promote your business message, please feel free to contact us. We'd be more than happy to discuss advertising and promotional packages that are available to you.

For a quick summary of our offerings, please visit our <a href="http://fish-hawk.net/index.php?page=15">Advertising with Fish-Hawk.Net</a> page.

We thank you for your cooperation and respect.
Rob Atkinson
Site Admin (retired)
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