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Frequently Asked Questions

Rules for all registrants regarding the use of Hawk Talk Angling Forums. Please take a moment to read.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby Bobber » Sun Feb 13, 2005 9:18 pm

General Conversation
Q: Where is a good place to stay if I am planning a fishing trip somewhere?
A: The Hawk Talk Angling Community would be the best place to ask. Login to the forums and post your question there. I'm sure they will be able to help you out.

Q: What kind of baits should I use if I am going fishing for a particular species?
Again, the Hawk Talk Angling Community will tell you.

Q: Am I allowed to talk about products or services within the Fishhawk forums?
Yes, as long as you are not affiliated with those products or services and have an opportunity for personal gain by bringing up the subject in a topic of discussion. We ask only that you respect the Advertisings on Fish-Hawk.Net so as to not take away from them. After all, they are the ones that help us bring Fish-Hawk.Net to you, and we like to show our gratitude.

Q: Am I allowed to make a post of a joke or a non-fishing topic?
Yes, as long as that joke is clean and does not have the opportunity to offend anyone. Remember, we have children, women, and men present on this board. Non-Fishing topics are best placed in the Non-Fishing Forum.

Q: Am I allowed to post pictures from other sites within the Hawk Talk Forums?
Yes, you simply need to link to those pictures. As longs as those pictures may not be considered offensive by some, then it is OK.

Q: Am I allowed to post nudity pictures or links to nudity within the Hawk Talk Forums?
Absolutely not. We have women and young adults here.

Q: Am I allowed to use inappropriate language within posts?
No, period.

Q: Am I allowed to "bend" the rules where there are grey lines in what I can and cannot do?
I would hope this to be self-explanatory. The answer is, we'd prefer that you don't. We already have enough work trying to make this site as useful to you as we possibly can. Bending of the rules will result in moderation.

Q: What happens if I make a post that is moderated?
If a post is made that requires moderation, a number of actions may occur...
1. If it is obvious that your post breaks any of the rules we have put in place, it will be deleted and the violator will be notified of the rule they are breaking.
2. If clarification is required from the author, the thread will be placed into a hidden forum and a Private Message sent to the author asking for clarification of intent. If adequate clarification is provided, and the post does not break rules, then it will be re-instated. If not, it will be deleted and the violator will be notified of the rule they are breaking.

Q: If my post disappears, what has happened?
It was seen as having potentially damaging content and was moved to an area where it could be assessed....or....we made a mistake and accidently deleted a thread that should not have been deleted. It happens...sorry. If your message is OK, it will be put back. If it is not, it will be deleted.

Q: What do I do if I see a post that offends me?
Send a Private Message to Fishhawk or Bobber with a link to the thread that you are offended by. We will check it out and apply moderation rules as stated above.

Q: What do I do if I do not agree with a moderation?
Send a Private Message to either Fishhawk or Bobber and indicate that you do not agree with a decision that was made. We will address your concerns.

Q: I've received a PM from the Site Admin explaining why my post was deleted. What do I do now?
Nothing. Accept the explanation and move on, taking the experience into consideration for the future.

Q: When do I contact Board Monitors?
You don't. Board Monitors only play an eyes and ears role to catch things when the Site Admins are not around. Eg. We are doing shows, events, Gone fishing, or whatever. They help us catch things quicker and move them out of the view of the public so that we can deal with it when we are available.

Q: Who monitors/moderates the Board Monitors and Site Admins?
All rules we have put in place apply not only to the community, but also to the Board Monitors and Site Admins. Site Admins have more flexibility when it comes to certain rules however, since we are running the board and building the relationships. The overall concept remains the same.

Q: Am I allowed to make a post that promotes my business?
A: No, if you would like to promote your business, give us a call. We'd be happy to help you.

Q: Can my Avatar show a logo of my business?
A: No, unless you have the expressed concent of Fish-Hawk.net.

Q: Can my Signature line point people to my website or indicate the business I'm in.
A: If you website is not for promotional purposes, advertising, or profit making, then yes, you may post your website in your signature, however it would be better to add it to your profile. If a signature line in any way indicates a business ownership, then no you may not, without the expressed concent of Fish-Hawk.net.

Q: Am I allowed to make a post to promote someone elses function that is happening in the future to which I have no affiliation with.
Yes, as long as that post is for information purposes only and you have no affiliation with that function, nor have you been asked to place the post on someone elses behalf. We would request that you keep your post limited to the information required in order to begin a discussion of such an event within the community. Fish-Hawk.net has options available for such promotion should further promotion be required. We thank you for respecting us.

Q: How do I advertise or promote my business with Fish-Hawk.Net.
Send us a note and we'd be happy to discuss the options we have available to help you.

Q: Am I allowed to post a thread which indicates any deficiencies there are with Fish-Hawk.Net?
Yes, as long as you are identifying the deficiencies in an attempt to provide constructive critisism and/or suggestions for improvement. No if you are attempting to deface the reputation of Fish-Hawk.net and the work that we have all put into it.

Q: Am I allowed to make a post that complains about something I've seen or experienced?
A: Yes, as long as the discussion does not turn into something that is dis-repectful of any person or any organization, and is meant to spark conversation, not debate.

Q: Am I allowed to make posts which are against the fishing industry as a sport or recreational past-time?
No. Fishing is a sport and recreational past time. We will not get into this topic.

Q: Am I allowed to make a post that points people to my own website for comments or information purposes?
A: Yes, as long as your website is not business in nature where you make a profit from it as a vehicle to promote yourself or someone else.

Rob Atkinson
Site Admin (retired)
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