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Fly Swap #4 - No-Hackle Dries

Are you a fly fisherman who like to swap flies with others? This idea was brought to my attention a little while back and I think we should give it a try.
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Fly Swap #4 - No-Hackle Dries

Postby Todd B. » Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:30 am

Hi Everyone,

The theme for the fourth Fish-Hawk fly swap was“No-Hackle Dry Flies.”

1. Todd B. (Haystack - since the Footprint Dun sank like a stone!)
Hook: Standard Dry Fly (size of choice)
Thread: 8/0 Brown
Tail: Moose Mane (or deer hair)
Body: Brown Possum dubbing
Wing: Natural Deer Hair

2. northernfly (Sparkle Dun)

3. Salar (X-Caddis)
Hook: #14 Mustad 94845 Barbless Dry Fly
Thread: 8/0 Olive
Tail: Tan Antron Yarn
Body: Olive Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing
Wing: Natural Deer Hair

4. Lew (Usual)
(Photo Pending)
Hook: Mustad size 14 dry fly hook
Thread: 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Snowshoe hare fur from toe of foot
Body: Snowshoe hare foot underfur
Wing: Snowshoe hare fur from toe of foot

5. James (Comparadun)
Hook: Mustad size 16 dry fly hook
Thread: 8/0 Olive
Tail: Microfibbets
Body: Olive rabbitron dubbing
Wing: Coastal deer hair

6. Jason (CDC No Hackle)
Hook: TMC 101
Thread: UNI 8/0 colour to suit natural
Tail: Stiff hackle fibres, divided
Body: Superfine dubbing
Wing: CDC feather tips tied sloping back, butts pulled back along sides of fly
Thorax: Dubbing as body
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Todd B.
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Postby Salar » Tue May 20, 2008 10:28 pm

Got the flies today. They look great. I'm looking forward to trying them down in New York this season.
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