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Reel Cleaning Lesson-Session

Just what the title says....anything and everything related to Rods, Reels, Terminal Tackle, Plastics, what others are using, what works, what doesn't work, and anything else you want to talk about regarding equipment.
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Reel Cleaning Lesson-Session

Postby Oneeleven » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:20 am

Hi everyone,

I`m looking for someone who knows how to take apart baitcasters to clean and oil them.

I have a few Daiwas, Shimanos, and an Abu that I`d like to give some TLC to.

I`ll come to you buy you a pizza lunch-dinner, and throw some cash your way.

I have watched some stuff online, but it`s always nice to be with someone who knows what they`re doing for the first couple of goes.

Please PM me if you`d be interested in helping me out.

Thanks! :) Tia
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Re: Reel Cleaning Lesson-Session

Postby lape0019 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:04 am


First things first, make sure you have the appropriate tools as well as the grease and oil you would like to use. For me, I used Shimano products because that's basically all I have for reels. I use their oil or Boca Lightening lube and their drag grease. Other's use products from Cal's or faster/slower oils.

As stated to dropshot'r, make sure you take a lot of pictures and lay everything out in the order it comes off on. After the reel is disassembled, take a picture and then clean everything. Things to take particularly close attention to is the way some items under the drag are placed. Coned washers are there to provide some spring and need to be placed not only in the same order but facing the proper direction like () instead of ((. Others are the little spring clips that hold bearings in place, a trick someone told me was to take them out inside a large Ziploc bag because they fly halfway across a room if you aren't careful. I have done this countless times before using this trick and spent half a day looking for a little piece of metal...

Just take your time and don't rush anything.

Now, having wrote all that, I should tell you I have started sending my reels back in to Shimano once in a while. Part of their cleaning service involves replacing the some parts that get worn out so every once in a while, I will send a reel in to get new parts as well as a cleaning. It doesn't cost a lot and they basically come back feeling brand new. I do not send them all in but one or two a year and I clean the rest. Hardest part here, is keeping track of what I have sent out when. I know Shimano offers this. I am not sure about Daiwa and Abu though.
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