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Postby mvlasic » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:30 pm

G'day, I've been in Ottawa for over 35 years now. I fish for bass, pickerel, and trout, but mainly it's about being outside for the day. I typically head out to back country in Algonquin Park or nearby for lakers during the first week of May -- that sweet spot between ice-out and black flies. When I'm out in the boat and it gets hot, I'll bring swim trunks and take a dip to cool off. Catching something is a bonus, but it's not necessary. My wife joins me sometimes in the boat; then we bring a picnic lunch and she'll bring some books or magazines.

I belonged to this group some years ago, but there were major issues with the site. I lost access so I just gave up on it for a while.

I have a 16' canoe, a 13.6' Swift pack boat, and a 17' Princecraft. I prefer to fish shorelines and keep moving -- my main target is usually bass. Trolling is okay but can be a bit boring, IMO.

My son was about 10, and we were fishing a pond accessible only by canoe. It was full of largemouth, and I was catching them but he wasn't, so he was getting a bit fed up. He was finally old enough to listen, so I showed him how to cast into a dent in the weed cover, wind up the slack, count to 5 slowly, letting the weedless-rigged plastic worm fall, and then told him to start gently twitching his rod tip. He got his first 5 lb largemouth, and was too scared to touch it, but man, the look on his face. He's never looked back, and often outfishes me.

Biggest fish was a 14 lb pickerel caught on the Montreal River near Cobalt, Ontario. Caught it on a plastic jig bounced off the bottom in fast water. Surprised the hell out of me. It was my son's first time camping, and he enjoyed his first shore lunch with a couple of smaller ones we caught. The 2 of us will be heading to Bark Lake in May.

Long ago I worked in northeastern Ontario above Lake Abitibi. A friend took me out fishing for speckles -- the gear was a 10' bamboo pole, 12' of line, a small spinner, and worms. Caught a lot of tasty trout that way.
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Re: G'day

Postby scarkner » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:01 am

Thanks for sharing, love the stories too!!

Welcome back!
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