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Want your report to appear on the homepage "Featured Report"

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 9:54 am
by fatluke
Hello all,

Would you like your report to appear on the homepage as the "Featured Report"?

The featured report on the home page is not always about the biggest fish, the most fish, etc. The purpose of the featured report is to share knowledge, fun times, and great fishing stories that meet our criteria for a well written report. The main purpose of is to "Learn, Fish, Share". We are looking for reports that can benefit our users. The more information you can provide in your report the better. That being said, a well written report that can benefit others will include the following:

    Photos - After all, it's just a fishing story without proof.

    Location - We are not looking for GPS coordinates. We do not want or encourage you to share you secret fishing hole with the entire world wide web, but we would like to see the type of water, water temperature, depth, structure, conditions. ex. lake or river, big or small, clear or stained, current or slack, wood, rocks, mid-lake hump, etc.

    Technique - How did you catch the fish, what were they biting on, etc. Again, no need for a specific lure or bait, but the more information you provide, the more you are helping your fellow anglers.

Today we have posted Kilven's opening weekend report, as the Featured Report. This report is not loaded with fish (however it does contain quality fish), but it meets all criteria for a featured report. Good fishing, and well written report Mr. Kliven.

We would really like to see more reports appearing on the homepage so get our there, catch some fish and report back. With all fishing seasons in all areas opening up in the next few weeks, we hope the reports will continue to flow as they have been, if not better.