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How To: Adjust your view according to screen resolution...

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How To: Adjust your view according to screen resolution...

Postby Bobber » Thu Oct 05, 2006 9:51 am

In order to try and meet the needs of all, and to make sure we maintain the proper perspective for Fish-Hawk.Net pages, I've implemented a few additional "styles" for registered users to choose from.

On the far left at the bottom of the menu on the homepage, if you are a registered user you are allowed to select different styles. I don't have a lot of different colors installed at the moment, however I did clone the main style with different screen sizes for you to choose from. You can also choose your style by going into your Profile and selecting it there.

<b>DessertStorm</b> - The default. Shows the screen at 100% no matter what resolution you have. May result in lots of "white space" for higher resolution screens, but should show things proper for lower resolution.

<b>DessertStorm800</b> - Shows the screen 800 pixels wide, no matter what resolution you are running. This will place all content directly in middle of screen for higher resolutions, but smaller content space.

<b>DessertStorm1024</b> - Fish-Hawk.Net is optimized best for this resolution. Majority of people seem to be running this resolution or higher. This does the same as DessertStorm800, however shows the information a little wider at 1024 pixels, and spaces information better.

<b>SubSilver</b> is my test style and is set for 1024. This is different colors all together. Choose this if you don't like the beige colors and prefer blue, but please be advised though, I test things out with this style prior to implementation, so it may go wacky sometimes temporarily.

In any case, choose whatever one you want. I'm hoping this method will satisfy everyone's screen resolution issues.

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